Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Laptop Lunches Review

Obentec's Latop Lunches are brilliant, environmentally friendly lunch and bento boxes designed to reduce waste and promote healthy lunches. They've been featured throughout the media, everywhere from the Martha Stewart Show to Nick Jr.

Most of these reviews focus on environmental hype and have little to say about the products themselves. So here in my Laptop Lunches Review, I'll do my best to provide a quality breakdown of Laptop Lunches products, especially focusing on the Bento Box Sets.

Laptop Lunches

  • All materials in Laptop Lunches products are top notch: stainless steel, polypropylene, and polyethylene (no phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or lead)..

  • It's much easier to eat healthier and cheaper when you have a convenient, easy-to-pack and clean Bento Box that let's you take anything from sandwiches to soup and salad without a mess!

  • By using a Laptop Lunches Bento Box everyday instead of packing disposable lunches, you'll save a ton of waste over the course of a year - for most people it works out to about 45 to 90 pounds of nasty trash (most notably your brown paper lunch bags and ziplock sandwich bags)

  • Bento Box Set 2.0
    Available direct from Laptop Lunches through the link above.

    This is the most recent set released by Laptop Lunches. It's biggest feature different from the previous generation Bento Box Set is that it has 3 sealable containers with lids instead of two. It includes two additional interior containers, a stainless steel fork and spoon, and the ever-famous booklet The Laptop Lunches User's Guide. Here's a list of the specs:


    * Removable inner containers can accommodate a variety of food sizes
    * Tray-like feel makes lunch fun.
    * 3 sealable lids prevent wet foods from leaking onto other foods.
    * Dip container for sauces, salad dressings, and dips makes eating vegetables fun.
    * Single unit eliminates the mess of jumbled containers.
    * All-stainless fork and spoon are great for leftovers and other menu items.
    * Convenient size fits in backpacks and most lunchboxes.
    * Durable plastic containers (not lids) are microwave safe.
    * Containers and lids are dishwasher safe--top rack only, NO heat boosters.
    * Made in the USA.

    Bento Box System 2.0
    Available direct from Laptop Lunches through the link above.

    The Bento Box System 2.0 is essentially the Bento Set 2.0 (subtle name difference, I know) with the addition of an outer insulated carrying case and a water bottle. It's the best choice for most people. Why? It will keep your food hot or cold longer and more efficiently. It's also very compact, sticking to the them of "laptop" size lunches. Most will have no problem comfortably fitting the whole thing into their backpacks.

    Bento Box Power Lunch System 2.0
    Available direct from Laptop Lunches through the link above.

    This set is similar to the regular Bento Box 2.0 System, but has a larger insulated carrying case and a larger water bottle. All other components are the same besides the color options. It's a set that's designed to carry a good bit of food, quite a bit more than the regular Bento Box System 2.0.

    Original Laptop Lunch System
    Available direct from Laptop Lunches through the link above.

    This is the set that got it all started for Laptop Lunches. For this Laptop Lunches Review, I've done my best to discern the differences between this original Bento Box System and the Bento Box System 2.0. The biggest differences are as follows:

    * The Bento Box System 2.0 is about 1/4'' thicker than this original
    * The Bento Box System 2.0 has one more sealable container with lid than the original (3 instead of 2)
    * The fork and knife are 100% stainless steel on the Bento Box 2.0, while the original's are stainless steel with plastic handles

    You do get more flexibility when it comes to portability and insulation with the original model. The Bento Sleeve with Ice Pack act as a hip, thin way to store your Bento Box Set in your backpack. This sleeve is not compatible with the Bento Box 2.0 set or system.

    That's all for now!

    I hope you enjoyed my Laptop Lunches Review! Hopefully this review will help you make the right choice in your new lunch box purchase :)

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